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House of Joy, our children’s home, was established in 2001 as a home for orphaned, abandoned and at-risk Akha children in Northern Thailand. We provide for their physical, educational and emotional needs while seeking to cultivate within them a love for God and a passion for serving others, especially their own people. Your contribution is not only an investment in the Kingdom of Heaven, but also in the future of the Akha people.

As a sponsor, you’ll receive a personal letter from your child twice a year, along with a recent photo of him or her. In addition, you can send pictures and letters/emails which we will translate for your child. Pictures of sponsors’ families are cherished by our children and often find a prominent place in their lockers. Several sponsors have made the trip here to meet their child in person.

Three sponsors contribute US$40 a month per child. 100% goes directly toward operating expenses for the organization. This includes food, education, transportation, medical needs, maintenance, administration, staff salaries, utilities, travel, Bible training, and annual events.

If you have additional questions about our sponsorship program, please click here:
Sponsorship FAQs