Media Ministry

Seven Borders, also known as Akha Outreach Media, is the newest branch of our ministry. It was officially established in 2010 with a mission to equip the Akha church with Biblical media in the Akha language.

Media – Part of Our Organizational DNA

Creating media to reach the Akha for Christ has been a part of our plan since the beginning. As a young adult, Dr. Aje was creating worship and teaching cassette tapes. Read a story here: We’ve Walked Three Days to Find This Tape. We have been involved in the recording of audio versions of the Akha Bible and both the original and the children’s version of the Jesus Films (watch online: in Akha. These were the humble beginnings of what has now become Akha Outreach Media.

Getting Started

Toward the end of 2009, our Singaporean friends donated a new computer, mixer and video camera to our budding media center. We began to learn the equipment and two students and two staff members took part in a week-long MediaLight seminar with an emphasis on Christian leadership. Less than six months later, we received a call from Project Video, a subsidiary of Wycliffe, saying they wanted to interview us as potential recipients of a media grant. Six months after that, we were honored to receive a professional video cameras and production equipment via the generosity of Project Video supporting churches. Around this time, a family from Colorado heard of our new ministry and donated the funds to build a professional-quality soundproof recording studio on our facility.

Lights! Camera! Action!

Our first Akha Outreach Media project was a 10-minute video recalling the history of Akha Outreach, which was shown at our Ten Year Anniversary celebration on March 5, 2010. Other productions in the works include the Worship Together Akha praise and worship CD, dubbing of the Acts and Matthew videos and, later, full-length productions in the Akha language. Stay current on our progress here: You can also subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.

How You Can Help

Training, production, and distribution will be regular expenses for the ministry until our distribution level is such that we are self-sustaining. If you are interested in contributing toward our media ministry, please click here: Support Media Ministry.