Akha Books: Download Pdf

Khanqgm Aqkaq Sanqbof PardmqAkha Language Primer (Common Akha Orthography 2008) 49mb

Aqkaq Car-awr Jaceuq-eu PardmqAkha Language Hymnal (Lewis Orthography 1952) 66mb

Akha Books: Purchase

Our Akha Outreach bookstore is full of excellent resources in the Akha language.
Selections include:

  1. Holy Bible (hardcover and softcover available)
  2. New Testament (translated by Dr. Paul Lewis Out of Print
  3. Akha Language Primer (Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  4. Bible Storybook (Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  5. Concise Bible (translated by Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  6. Sermon Outlines (Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  7. Revised Akha Hymnal (translated by Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  8. Bible Survey (Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  9. Bible Training Center Curricula – 2 Volumes (as used by Joshua Nations)
    (translated by Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  10. Basic Theology (Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  11. Biblical Counseling (Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  12. Daily Life of Christians (Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)
  13. Christian Leadership (Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu)

For a complete list of resources or to purchase a book, please contact us.