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2016 Calendar, Feb dates

  If you haven’t met this guy already, it won’t take you long to feel why we love him so much!  He’s quite witty, which goes really well with our personalities & Jeremy has especially been blessed getting to know him. Aja is known for asking Jeremy a long detailed question and before Jeremy can even reply any more, Aja bursts out laughing – ‘Mai Kaow Jai!’… which means ‘I don’t understand.’ … Continue reading


2016 Akha Calendar 1

A lamp on a hill, we strive to be a glowing example of God’s love and mercy for us. A warmth of hope for others, we share the salvation gifted to us by Christ on the cross. We strive to see that our lives are a beautiful masterpiece full of color, which includes the light and the dark of our days. Recognizing that the Creator hasn’t washed His hands of His finest … Continue reading



  This month we take a break from our ‘normal’ routines of AOF, AOM & HOJ and focus on our BIBLE TRANSLATION! It’s an amazing time of pouring over God’s word as He is pouring over us. Have you ever had a moment of realization… where you’ve heard something before – maybe many times – but suddenly, it sinks into your mind AND your heart? I’ve had many times such as those, … Continue reading



  What is the Lord saying to you now?  Maybe there is something placed in your heart for this year – or maybe even something just for today…  What is it? Sometimes, even simply verbalizing what it is that the Lord is saying -or doing- seems like an impossible task.  But speaking out loud those promises or those promptings of the Lord releases a powerful flood all of its own.  Maybe, if … Continue reading


As we serve alongside AOF, we see the day in and day out victories, surrenders, and battles that are internal and external to the children, staff, students and the foundation itself.  Notice, though, I did not say ‘losses’. Our battles have long since been won on the cross – though we may not have the privilege of seeing the outcome in the flesh, we can feel it in the spirit and will … Continue reading