Joy –   Such a prayer of mine has been to live in joy.  Not only day by day, but moment by moment.                                                                                                   … Continue reading


  Ps77:14 – You are the God who performs miracles.  You have made your strength known among the nations. When you pray – do you expect an answer?  When you pray for others, do you expect differently or believe differently than you do for yourself? I often have to check myself.  I find that I can believe any miracle will happen for someone else, but when it comes to even a ‘small’ … Continue reading


We (the Hennen Family) are preparing for a 3-month furlough to America, and as excited as I am to go and see family, I’m equally as sad to go.  So much occurs here in such a short amount of time.  My heart aches as I think of the kids and all that I will miss while we are gone. When we come back, there will be a few faces that we won’t … Continue reading


  This statement is so real and so powerful.  It’s so true.  Have you been there?  Where you can hardly move to lift your hands in prayer, hardly breathe to utter a word of hope, where your eyes are no longer filled with tears but so fogged and parched from the flow in days, weeks or even months of trial.  You cling to the knowledge of the truth of His word, because … Continue reading


Beginning a new year… Sometimes looking back before we move ahead is the best way to start.  From where we are to where we were – before we look at where we want to be. The transition of children to leaders, leaders to servants, and servants to community pillars is a beautiful progression.  The Akha church is constantly in movement drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord.  It’s in the heart of our directors … Continue reading


INCLUDED The heart of an orphan is a delicate field of flowers with the fiercest thorns.  As we welcome in each child into our home at the House of Joy, a new journey of crossing that field begins. If we attempt to enter into that field without the proper attitude and equipment, we can either do more damage to their hearts – or incur damage of our own.  Avoiding the thorns & stepping … Continue reading


Perspective “Now set your heart and your soul to seek the LORD your God; arise, therefore, and build the sanctuary of the LORD God, so that you may bring the ark of the covenant of the LORD and the holy vessels of God into the house that is to be built for the name of the LORD.” 1 Chronicles 22:19 The Word is filled with numerous verses & passages that encourage us … Continue reading


FAMILY This picture invokes such emotion in my heart.  These are two beloved children of many.  Even as I type, hot tears start to fill my eyes as I have so much burning in my soul to share about the kids here at the House of Joy as well as those in our Akha Bible Institute – All of which are our spiritual children. Possibly the emotion is so raw in me at the … Continue reading


CONNECTED We LOVE our pastors, students, staff & kids.  We are not perfect, they are not perfect – But – We LOVE them!  It is the greatest, most fulfilling & most difficult call of all – to Love one another…  possibly trumped by Leading one another in Love… So, how do we live that out?  How do we show them that love, and keep that love tank filled up in the midst … Continue reading


FREEDOM There are so very many stories that we could share about lives changed across spiritual and physical borders.  God is moving powerfully in Asia and the Spirit is alive in Thailand – drawing in those who surround this land. Ruth* is a beautiful Akha woman in one of the closed countries bordering Thailand.  She is one of literally thousands we could share about as we actively pursue sharing Christ and His Kingdom in … Continue reading