Akha is a tribal language in which every word ends in a vowel sound. It is completely different from Thai, Chinese and other mainstream Asian languages. Akha is in the Loloish (Yi) branch of the Tibeto-Burman family and is very closely related with the Lisu and Lahu tribal languages.  In the 1950s, missionary anthropologist Paul Lewis developed a writing system for Akha based on the Roman alphabet. Many Christian Akha in Burma and Thailand can read this, and both the Old and New Testament has been printed using this script. In addition, a few Akha leaders including Dr. Aje Yehbyahgu have written books in the Akha language. Campus Crusade for Christ recorded both adult and children versions of the Jesus Film (watch online: and Faith Comes by Hearing produced an audio Bible in the Akha language.

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For those wishing to learn a bit of Akha, Lonely Planet sells a Hill Tribe Phrasebook which contains a handy section of Akha phrases: