The Directors

Dr. Aje and Nancy Yaebyangu are Christian workers among the Akha of Southeast Asia. Nancy, a native of Colorado, USA, moved to Thailand in her mid-twenties to work with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) ministering to prostitutes in the South of Thailand. After just a few days, Nancy knew that she was not called to this work but desired to be a part of the prevention efforts. God answered her prayers and moved her to Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand, to minister at House of Grace, a home for girls at risk for entering prostitution. In addition, Nancy hosted YWAM teams who would travel to villages providing humanitarian services. It was on these trips to the villages that she met Aje, the first Akha in Thailand to have earned a Bachelor’s degree.

Aje graduated from Mahidol University in Bangkok with a B.S. in Public Health and desired to improve the standard of living for his Akha people. So when Nancy offered to take YWAM work teams to dig latrines if he would come along to translate, he was happy to agree. Aje’s father had been the chief of the largest Akha village in Thailand and was a man of great foresight who agreed to send his young sons to school in the city when no one else in the village would dare. Aje ended up in a Christian hostel, where he met Dr. Paul Lewis and eventually accepted Christ at the age of fifteen. Dr. Lewis encouraged him to take pride in being Akha and to reach his people for the Lord. This message sank deep into Aje’s spirit and he was out translating and ministering in villages at the age of sixteen. Later, he miraculously received his citizenship just in time to attend Thai university. After he and Nancy were married, they traveled to the USA where he earned his A.A. in Pastoral Leadership from Rocky Mountain Bible Institute. Later, he also received a Masters of Divinity from Bangkok Bible Institute. Then, in 2007, Aje graduated from the International Theological Seminary with a Doctorate of Ministry. It was a cause for great celebration among the Akha people as he was the first among the Akha to obtain a doctorate.

From 1993 until 2000, the Yaebyangus directed House of Grace, a home for girls at risk in Chiang Rai, Thailand. During their seven years as directors, Aje and Nancy carefully nurtured the development of this home. Initially, it served a small group of 25 girls and grew to become the vibrant home for 100+ young women that it is today. In 2000, they successfully turned over the management of House of Grace to its competent staff, many of whom grew into their leadership potential within House of Grace. In addition to managing the home, Aje opened an Akha Bible school in Burma, began monthly training for Akha pastors and translated and created material for the Akha churches, including “The Jesus Film.” Meanwhile, Nancy increased her knowledge of counseling and inner healing ministry, beginning with Jack Frost’s Experiencing Father’s Embrace series. She then studied Theophostic prayer counseling and, later, the Immanuel Process. She is known to her hundreds of spiritual children as “Ma Nancy.”

In November 2000, two American businessmen visited Thailand to learn more about Aje and Nancy’s vision of working with the Akha through building an orphanage and a Bible school on the same compound. During this visit, these men committed to purchase five acres of land located six miles southwest of Chiang Rai in order to fulfill the dream. In January 2001, the land was purchased and several months later the Yaebyangus traveled to the States to form their board of directors and file the paperwork to establish Akha Outreach Services (AOS) as a non-profit organization. Read the History of Akha Outreach Foundation here.

Dr. Aje and Nancy do not receive a salary from the Foundation but live by faith. If you would like to partner with them financially, please choose from the donation options below.

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