Meet Our Staff

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Buzi, a graduate of Bangkok Bible College whom Aje and Nancy mentored in her high school years, joined the team of Akha Outreach in 2003. Buzi is from the same village as Aje and he was always impressed with her determination as a child. Hardworking and trustworthy, she has been an invaluable help in overseeing governmental paperwork and the accounts. Through her hard work, Akha Outreach was recognized by the Thai Department of Social Welfare for the Tribal People. Then, in 2004, we became an official Thai foundation. In addition, Buzi is manager for the children’s home, House of Joy, and Akha Bible Institute. She also serves on the board for the church planting ministry and our local foundation board.


Atu, a graduate of Akha Bible Institute, comes from the same village as Dr. Aje and Buzi. Before attending Bible school, he served in the village church as a children’s ministry intern, teaching Sunday school on the mountainside. From an extremely poor family with no father or siblings, Atu is often criticized for going into the ministry rather than working in a more lucrative field. Still, he knows he is called to reach the Akha and teaches guitar and Bible at Akha Bible Institute in addition to tending to electrical issues and keeping the three deep-water wells on the compound up and running. His newfound passion is videography, where he serves on the Akha Outreach Media ministry team.

Paul and Lori

Paul is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines and Lori from Colorado Christian University. They were drawn together by a common love for the Lord and missions, and came to serve at Akha Outreach in 2005. For several years, they lived in an Akha village to learn the language and culture and now are among a handful of Westerners who are fluent in Akha. In 2010, God transitioned them into new season of ministry with Akha Outreach Media. Paul and Lori have two beautiful little girls, Abi and Izi.


Amae, a graduate of Akha Bible Institute, is also from Elephant Mountain, as are Dr. Aje, Buzi and Atu. After graduation, he worked for three years with a small team to reach the unreached Akha. Then the Lord brought him back to Akha Outreach to help mentor and oversee our growing group of teenage boys. He also teaches at the Bible school and assists with vocals and video editing for Akha Outreach Media. Amae is a gifted worshiper and often leads the entire compound into meaningful worship ministry during our Sunday morning services.


Ana worked as an assistant pastor for a large Akha church in Chiang Mai after his graduation from Akha Bible Institute. Although he enjoyed the ministry, he knew that ministry in the city wasn’t his calling and returned to Akha Outreach to oversee the church planting ministry. He travels between the compound and villages to encourage the pastors and promote unity among the churches. Ana’s leadership style is very much “from the back,” allowing the older pastors to grow in confidence and authority within their own churches. He is an excellent facilitator and also teaches at the Bible school.


A native of a neighboring country, Mijum never held a pencil before the age of 18. So it was a step of faith to attend Akha Bible Institute in her mid-twenties where she served as the R.A. for the girls’ dorm. Afterward, Mijum went on to work with an local NGO serving the hill tribes in the Mekong region. She had no plans of resigning, but one day she felt God move on her heart to serve her own people group. So she returned to Akha Outreach to oversee the female Bible students and children, and teach at the Bible school. Mijum and her husband have a beautiful baby girl, Michelle.


When Dr. Aje was in school, his sister, who did not want to study in the city, was toiling in the fields alongside their parents to help pay for his education. He always wanted to repay her kindness and did so by taking in and providing an education for her young daughter, Buti. Buti lived with Aje and Nancy for twelve years and flourished in the English language. So they were not surprised when she chose to major in English at Aje’s alma mater, Mahidol University. Upon graduation, she decided to come back to Akha Outreach  to help with translation, administration and mentoring the teenagers. Gifted with wisdom beyond her years and a great deal of compassion, Buti is an invaluable addition to our team.