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If you haven’t met this guy already, it won’t take you long to feel why we love him so much!  He’s quite witty, which goes really well with our personalities & Jeremy has especially been blessed getting to know him.

Aja is known for asking Jeremy a long detailed question and before Jeremy can even reply any more, Aja bursts out laughing – ‘Mai Kaow Jai!’… which means ‘I don’t understand.’   There is still a lot we don’t understand, but we continue to praise God that He is the one with complete and utter wisdom, discernment and understanding.

Recently, I heard the Lord speak to my heart in a moment of surrender – ‘There is beauty and there is purpose in what you don’t understand… in your misunderstandings.’   Goodness, we have a lot of them… going every which direction… but, when your heart is set on Him, a clarity sets in unlike any other.

Aja has a beautiful, deep story of how God is always in the works of redemption and making us whole.  No matter what our story is thus far, no matter how old or how young or how many times just today you fell off your rocker.  He is excited to be with you.

I believe He wants to say to you, ‘Invite me in, let Me take that broken mess and create a beautiful mosaic that shine with the light of My Love!  You were created to shine even after and all thru the darkness that has touched your life!’

Take some time to view the short video of Aja’s testimony here.


2016 Calendar, Feb dates

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