2016 Akha Calendar

A lamp on a hill, we strive to be a glowing example of God’s love and mercy for us.

A warmth of hope for others, we share the salvation gifted to us by Christ on the cross.

We strive to see that our lives are a beautiful masterpiece full of color, which includes the light and the dark of our days.

Recognizing that the Creator hasn’t washed His hands of His finest of works.  He’s not angry or upset, but reaches out in love.

Showing others the reality of living in Him is the freedom of receiving His vibrance in such a way that it will pour over and saturate the tapestry of our lives, splashing out on to others.

Submitting as leaders who serve, sharing life with transparency, so that He can masterfully paint our stories among His.

We pray our testimonies will inspire, witness to you & encourage you to live boldly with the peace of knowing that the one true living God desires most passionately to walk in real relationship with us all.

Our Story Is Being Caught Up Into God’s Story,

Specifically the Story Of The Redemption Of Those Who Call Upon His Grace.

2016 Akha Calendar 1

Many of you received our 2016 calendars!  This is such a labor of love for me.  Hours are poured into the design and the scriptures and the writings – each page is designed in cooperation with Holy Spirit.  I mean, who better to co-labor in creativity with than One who was there creating all things??

It’s a blessing to my heart to see this functional work of praise, glory to God and art!  Sadly many of our personal sponsors missed out due to a miscommunication on our part and just not being able to get them from this side of the world to that side of the world… so you’ll get to see it month by month anyway!

This edition is just as inspired as last year’s (Praise God!) and we want to communicate more about the beauty in the mess and the story that God allows us to be a part of with Him.  Enjoy and be blessed as you hear about the Akha Outreach Foundation, Aje & Nancy, our students, staff, volunteers (that’s us!) and children!  The goodness of God abounds throughout!

Oh – I can’t forget to thank Paul for his work in doing the calendar pages layout.  Adobe Illustrator just isn’t my friend, yet… That saved me a stupid amount of hours!  Additionally, both Paul & Buti helped snap some of the awesome portraits I had the privilege of transforming.

FYI – the quotes on the pictures are not my own – just scribbled them down as I heard sermons and podcasts and such from other awesome people!  The only thing I actually ‘came up with’ is the first page.  The scriptures, of course, came from God.  Ok – it all came from Him!  Really, people, no one can take any credit!

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