This month we take a break from our ‘normal’ routines of AOF, AOM & HOJ and focus on our BIBLE TRANSLATION!

It’s an amazing time of pouring over God’s word as He is pouring over us.

Have you ever had a moment of realization… where you’ve heard something before – maybe many times – but suddenly, it sinks into your mind AND your heart?

I’ve had many times such as those, and I can’t say I’ve always enjoyed those moments.  But they have always been powerful times of growth.  Sometimes it’s a strong conviction, sometimes a tremendous comfort, other times immense freedom is born from that realization.

We are passionate about bringing those moments to the Akha people.  Where they can clearly read the Word so that they are able to see and feel the power of Holy Spirit step out of the page and change their lives.  When we hold the Word of God, we hold the power of hope in our hands.


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