What is the Lord saying to you now?  Maybe there is something placed in your heart for this year – or maybe even something just for today…  What is it?

Sometimes, even simply verbalizing what it is that the Lord is saying -or doing- seems like an impossible task.  But speaking out loud those promises or those promptings of the Lord releases a powerful flood all of its own.  Maybe, if you’re not ready to speak it, just start with writing it down first and saying it just to yourself.  Obedience is obedience, small or large.

I have literally seen darkness turned to light in my own life in a miraculous way, because of an act of obedience.

The lie we are told is that we don’t really matter.  Or even a slight lie of – it doesn’t make that much of a difference… and so on.  Everything we do matters.  Everything.  What it matters for is the difference.  Good or bad.

Another thing about obedience is – it pushes us to face our fears.  Do we fear man or do we fear God?  Am I NOT going to do something that God is asking me to do because I might be embarrassed?  Am I doing something that I’m not sure God is asking me to do, but it I will get big kudos from my friends for doing.  Aaand so on…

I have many ‘hang-ups’ in my life.  I’m great like that.  (hang-up: the mature form of a stubborn whiny tantrum)

My latest is, I’m not making the difference that I want to make.  The truth is – in my obedience, I will make the difference that God wants me to make… in my disobedience, I will make the difference that the Enemy wants me to make.

My perspective regarding obedience changes more and more from a curse word that I cringe at to a gift of blessings I willingly accept.  Obedience faithfully molds and shapes me over time.  Yet it can, in an instant, open up heavens and pour out His glory on a moment…healing wounds that only His hands can touch.


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