Why Won’t You Be Like Other Sons? (Atu’s Story)

No one really notices the shy, sixteen-year-old Bible school student fresh in from Elephant Mountain. Even though he’s from the richest village in Thailand, his family is among the poorest, too poor to even afford their own bathroom. He has no father and no siblings, just an elderly mother who works in the fields. Although his earthly heritage is lacking, Atu is steadily building a spiritual heritage for future generations of Akha Christians. He serves in the village church as a children’s ministry intern, teaching Sunday school on the mountainside. Still, his decision to attend Bible school is unexpected and unwelcome to his mother. “Why won’t you be like other sons? Go to the big city or over to Korea to make some money for your poor family,” she pleads. But Atu is resolute. He knows that he is called to serve the Lord. After Bible school, Atu interns with Akha Outreach Foundation and, the next year, is a fully-fledged staff member. He still works with us today, faithfully tending to electrical issues, the computer room and teaching at the Bible school. He’s also involved with our new Akha Outreach Media ministry.

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