We’ve Walked Three Days to Find This Tape

Dr. Aje relates a story about a trip to a remote area of Akha habitation over ten years ago. “When staying in a certain village I met two men who had walked for three days because they heard there was a story cassette tape in the Akha language. Our host graciously produced the tape, which I recognized as a copy of a copy of a copy of a gospel cassette I had recorded several years prior. The two men were tremendously excited to hear the Akha words coming out of the tape player, even though the quality was poor and the sound was warped. After making a copy of the cassette for themselves, they asked me if I knew anything of the story. As I replied, they stopped me mid-sentence saying, ‘You sure sound a lot like that man on the tape. Do you know him?’ Of course, I was forced to admit that I was the mysterious, recorded voice. With great sincerity they looked me in the eye and asked, ‘So this Jesus, does He live in Thailand?’ Oh! How many of my people have yet to hear the wonderful story of ‘this Jesus’!”

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