Immigrant to Princess (Anm’s Story)

It’s getting late, and the teenage girl shivers as night rapidly closes in on her. She draws her thin, cloth sarong more tightly around her body, and breathes a prayer for God to help her. A Burmese Akha immigrant, Anm wonders how she’ll ever find work here without knowing the Thai language. Two men on a motorcycle lean forward. “Hey! We can get you work,” they yell coarsely to her in Akha. Her back stiffens and she sets her dainty jaw. “I’m fine, thanks,” she retorts. Just then, a Thai-Akha walks over and offers Anm a job caring for an elderly person. She accepts immediately, and begins a five-year stint of migrant work in order to send money back to her family in Burma. God saves her from several dangerous circumstances until she finally lands a job as a nanny for a Christian Akha family. They offer to send her to Akha Bible Institute, where she can study the Bible in the Akha language and get a high school education. She is thrilled and ends up bringing her younger brother to study there as well. During this time, a pastor in one of the most remote Akha communities in Thailand hears of Anm and begins communicating with her. Once she graduates, the two begin a beautiful courtship, full of leisurely boat rides and picnics by the river. He treats Anm like a princess, and finally asks her hand in marriage. Now, the two serve the Lord together as Akha ministers and they have a beautiful, healthy baby boy.

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